Go mobile with the new Gene Explorer thermal cycler

Now you can monitor your applications, wherever you are, with the remote user interface, via mobile phone App. The new and improved instrument touch screen makes programming and running the system easy for first-time users and efficient for long-time users.
The Gene Explorer features intelligent operation through a new generation of central processing unit (CPU). The 8-inch responsive touch screen and user-friendly interface are designed to make your operation intuitive and faster. The newly designed block and tailor-made Peltier ensure exceptional thermal performance providing accurate results and better yields.
Using the gradient feature you can optimise your PCR temperature with good accuracy. This can save time and reagents as you won’t need to perform multiple optimisation runs to find the ideal temperature for your enzyme. In fast mode, heating and cooling is quicker to ensure rapid results. The Gene Explorer provides rapid heating with a maximum heating rate of 6C/s and maximum cooling rate 5.5C/s.
There are two operating modes to choose from depending on your application. In block control mode Gene Explorer measures and monitors the block temperature. This is suitable  if your PCR is quite robust and you need the results quickly. The tube control mode uses an internal calculation to ensure the sample temperature reaches the target temperature. It takes a little longer but is more accurate particularly if your protocol is very sensitive.
The Gene Explorer provides complex programming. More than 99 cycles are possible making it suitable for nested PCR, whilst incremental time or temperature setting allow for long or touchdown PCR programmes. Create programmes on the gene explorer directly with the intuitive touch screen interface, or create on your computer with the software provided, and save to a USB for loading onto the instrument.
If you are upgrading from the GeneTouch to the Gene Explorer, you can run programmes in standard mode and it cleverly mimics the performance of the popular GeneTouch thermal cycler, so you can replicate programmes exactly.

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