Boost to terpenes analysis

Restek’s new terpenes MegaMix standards offers 59 compounds in two ampuls to optimise terpenes analyses.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for the characteristic aromas and flavours of most plants. Beyond their effects on smell and taste, terpenes are also being investigated for having potential therapeutic properties. The possibility of these effects in matrices including hemp, cannabis, hops, essential oils, and food has created a growing demand to profile these compounds.

Featuring 59 compounds across two ampuls, Restek’s new Terpenes MegaMix standards help labs analyse an extensive terpenes list without needing to combine multiple mixes or terpene singles. These new standards contain mono, sesqui, di, and tri compounds, enabling a comprehensive determination of terpenes across matrices. A high concentration of 2500 μg/mL, achieved through rigorous material purification and characterisation, provides additional flexibility in constructing calibration curves.

Restek’s Terpenes MegaMix standards are certified reference materials (CRMs), manufactured and QC-tested in the company's ISO-accredited labs. Verified composition and stability ensures long-lasting shelf life, and two independently produced lots satisfy ISO requirements. Available in two ampuls, Terpenes MegaMix Standard #1 (cat.# 34142) and Terpenes MegaMix Standard #2 (cat.# 34143) are ideal for the analysis of terpenes in hemp, cannabis, hops, essential oils, and other botanical matrices. 

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