New diaphragm valves

Restek's new RAVE+ diaphragm valves offer enhanced features that bring premium performance to air sampling operations. Unlike some other valves that contain soft polymeric materials, RAVE+ valves are 100% stainless-steel construction, which eliminates sample contamination from off-gassing, prevents target compounds from being lost due to adsorption, and ensures a longer service life.

The valve port threads are roller hardened to increase durability, resist damage, and prevent leaks. Rugged, work-hardened, all-metal valve seats provide protection against particles that cause leaks. In addition, a VOC-free, thread-locking adhesive prevents the valve knob from loosening and ensures it stays securely in place. The valves also now feature a built-in hard stop that prevents users from turning the knob too far and locking the valve open. As a final measure to ensure reliable performance, every  valve is helium leak tested to 1x10-6 mL/sec prior to shipping. With these enhanced features, RAVE+ diaphragm valves build on the high-quality standard of original RAVE valves and provide superior performance for air sampling.

Now standard on the firm's full line of SilcoCan, TO-Can, and miniature air sampling canisters, these newly redesigned valves are also ideal for upgrading existing canisters. The valves can be ordered with Siltek treatment for added inertness and with either two or three ports to accommodate an optional gauge. Diaphragm rebuild kits and RAVE+ guards are also available to further extend the life of these long-lasting air valves. 


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