Speed up calibration curve development

Restek’s four new multicomponent PFAS calibration certified reference materials (CRMs) feature the most frequently analysed PFAS compounds, letting users select the formulation that is best suited to the EPA, ISO, EU, EN, DIN, ASTM, or in-house method used. Additionally, two of these mixes are specifically formulated with the compounds and concentration for EPA 533 and EPA 537.1 drinking water methods, helping users easily comply with method requirements to increase lab throughput.

• PFAS 24 Calibration Standard 
• PFAS 28 Calibration Standard 
• EPA 537.1 PFAS Calibration Standard 
• EPA 533 PFAS Calibration Standard 

As multi-compound mixes, these new reference standards help labs reduce complexity, minimising the risk of errors when making calibration mixes. And the highly stable 1 or 2 μg/mL concentrations are ideal for creating multipoint (5-point minimum suggested) calibration curves for LC analysis.
All four standards are certified reference materials (CRMs), manufactured and QC-tested in ISO-accredited labs. Verified composition and stability ensure long-lasting shelf life, and two independently produced lots from one source helps simplify procurement while satisfying your ISO and quality program requirements.

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