See semivolatiles clearly

Designed specifically for semivolatiles (SVOC) analysis, Restek’s new Rxi-SVOCms columns ensure consistent performance that will keep calibrations passing longer so more samples can be run before needing to recalibrate the instrument or replace the column.

New polymer and deactivation chemistries produce highly inert columns with tightly controlled selectivity resulting in exceptional performance for a wide range of analytes (acidic, basic, and neutral). Rxi-SVOCms columns are tuned specifically to improve peak shape for challenging SVOCs, such as pentachlorophenol, pyridine, and benzidine, as well as to ensure optimised resolution of difficult polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

In addition, when sample contaminants build up, users can restore performance easily with a simple column trim. The Rxi-SVOCms columns come back to life so users can keep running samples instead of changing columns and recalibrating.

For chemists in the environmental industry who are slowed down by variable column performance, frequent calibration failures, and poor column lifetimes, switching to Rxi-SVOCms columns can ensure data requirements are met longer and downtime is minimised.

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