PCR solutions for rapid detection

1st April 2013

Microbial contaminations are predominant problems in the process of food manufacturing.

Biotecon Diagnostics offers a complete portfolio of innovative PCR systems for the rapid detection of microbial contaminants and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

New developments include a unique real-time PCR detection kit for the identification of E. sakazakii and all Enterobacteriaceae simultaneously in just one rapid test.

A MicroVal validation for this product is in progress, says the company.

Biotecon Diagnostics' foodproof Detection, Quantification and Sample Preparation Kits guarantee highest quality standards for the food and beverage industry and offer a fast, save, and reliable testing solution to screen for microbial contaminations.

The foodproof sample preparation kits enable the customer to prepare nearly every food matrix - especially from difficult starting materials.

Biotecon Diagnostics features a continuously growing network of local distributors and worldwide sales partners.

Many of Biotecon Diagnostics test kits are successfully validated by the most important validating authorities such as AOAC, MicroVal and NordVal.

- Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH is based in Potsdam, Germany.





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