Tableting expert gets new MD

Matthias Weber has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Romaco Kilian in Cologne, Germany.

Weber was appointed by the Romaco Group as the new Managing Director with effect from January 2019. He will in future be responsible for sales and operations at this seasoned manufacturer of tablet presses for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Weber will perform this function alongside Jens Carstens, who has been Kilian’s Managing Director Technology since 2013.

“Matthias Weber is a proven specialist for processing applications in the pharmaceutical industry who knows exactly where our customers’ priorities lie,” explained Jörg Pieper, CEO of the Romaco Group. “With his extensive experience in sales and project management, Mr. Weber has everything it takes to make Kilian products even more competitive in the international arena.”

Prior to his arrival at Romaco Kilian, Weber worked for various manufacturers and suppliers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, handling numerous large-scale projects on their behalf around the world. A graduate in process engineering who also has an MBA (Master of Business Administration), he has gained significant managerial experience in the course of his career through executive positions in sales and project management.

“It was the focus on the global pharmaceutical markets that particularly attracted me to Kilian,” Weber emphasised. “Vision, tact and a down-to-earth approach are all vital qualities that will aid Kilian’s future strategic development in the pharmaceutical sector. I have a lot of experience to contribute here and I’m ready to take on entrepreneurial responsibility.”

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