New ultra-high performance spectrometer

Hiden recently introduced its new DLS-20 mass spectrometer, designed to set a new performance standard for high-resolution quadrupole systems. The mass filter design, based on the Hiden established triple-stage mass filter technology, incorporates enlarged molybdenum mass filter rods of 20mm diameter to give ultra-high mass resolution and sensitivity with particular application to precision measurement of low molecular weight species.

The system is especially suited to refined nuclear and fusion process applications with the ability to resolve a mixture of deuterium (D2) and helium for example, both at mass 4 amu, with a detection level for D2 of less than 10 part-per-million (ppm).

The DLS-20 quadrupole system is operable in both the Zone I and Zone II stability regions. Zone I tuning is used for general gas analysis applications over a broad mass range. Zone II tuning enables very high mass resolution for light gases, typically with molecular weights up to 10 amu. And the system features the ability to switch smoothly for operation in either stability region.

The system is available with a choice of electronbombardment ion sources for gas, UHV and molecular beam analysis. The option of analogue and digital signal detection allows the user to optimise operation for fastest response or most stable measurement for analysis of both positive and negative ions, neutrals and radicals.

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