Advanced spectrometer launched

MR Solutions' latest EVO2+ spectrometer offers advanced levels of functionality and user control for constructors of clinical MRI scanners. This, the electronic brains of the scanner, provides superior imaging results using multi-channel transmission. The EVO2+ spectrometer, the 10th generation technology, has been designed with the latest digital technology for a wide range of features to benefit MRI manufacturers and suppliers.

Clinical and preclinical MRI systems can be upgraded simply by adding the EVO2+ to bring an outdated system back into current day use. EVO2+ is provided with comprehensive development software and an extensive sequence library optimised for multiple applications.

The new spectrometer has an unlimited number of TX and RX channels and can operate MRI systems up to 11.7T.

Dr David Taylor, chairman of MR Solutions, says: "Our latest spectrometer allows users superb functionality with an impressive array of features. It is a key component for all MRI imaging systems."

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