New instruments for lab speed & efficiency

The Seal Analytical booth at Analytica 2018 will feature a host of new products designed to improve laboratory performance. The company has a longstanding reputation for developing advanced, automated Discrete and Segmented Flow Analysers (SFA), but following the acquisitions of Thomas Cain and Rohasys, its booth will also feature new products for both automated digestion, and robotic sample handling and treatment systems.
Analytica 2018 will provide the first opportunity in Europe to see the new AA500 SFA with auto start-up/shutdown and new software. The AA500 was developed to incorporate feedback from users of Seal's popular AutoAnalysers, which are able to run several parameters simultaneously on large numbers of samples. Delivering high levels of performance and reproducibility, the AA500 provides maximum sensitivity by ensuring that the reaction always goes to completion, and with a digital true dual-beam detection system with real-time referencing, high reproducibility and low detection limits are achieved.
Seal will also launch the new AQ270 entry level Discrete Analyser. With reduced functionality, this instrument retains the key advantages of its sister products, but has been developed to meet the needs of a smaller laboratory with a limited budget.   
For automated digestion, staff will demonstrate enhanced software that runs the new DEENA 3; an automated chemical addition, sample preparation and digestion system, used in the analysis of metals in environmental laboratories. 
Visitors will also be able to view a new range of Rohasys robotic handling systems for the automation of BOD, COD, pH, EC, colour, turbidity, alkalinity, total acid, total base etc. The  product range includes small systems for small footprints and low workloads, through to custom designed fully automated preparation, reading, filtration and weighing robots, with full LIMS integration.

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