New flash purification system

Biotage has launched Selekt Enkel, a new addition to the firm's family of flash purification systems. The Enkel is a dedicated purification workhorse, with a modular design that facilitates application customisation. It also uses the low solvent consumption workflow of the Selekt family, for greener operation and greater sustainability.

Maintaining the small footprint and compact design of the existing systems, the new product is a reliable and robust instrument, designed to perform routine purifications in the drug discovery workflow with a reduced environmental impact. The system features one column lines and two solvent lines, enabling separations to be performed in either normal or reversed phases, using high-loading Sfär flash columns.

Selekt Enkel introduces a digitised approach to instrument design, with a novel modular construction. Laboratories can decide whether they wish to add optional features, such as automated handling of purified sample collection racks or an extended collection bed, and thus tailor the system to suit their particular workflow. The instrument uses the user-friendly and intuitive interface of the Selekt family, making the instrument a powerful and efficient purification platform. It can also be upgraded with the Spektra software package for additional enhanced functionality, leading to purer samples, reduced solvent use and more efficient operation.

“True to our strategy of providing chemists and scientists with scalable and sustainable solutions streamlining their workflows, the Selekt Enkel enables end-users to tailor a solution that suits their workflow, while simultaneously reducing the use of solvents. Building on the success of the Selekt system, this purification workhorse further improves our customers' efficiency and user-experience as well as contributing to a reduced environmental footprint and greater sustainability for all,” said Tomas Blomquist, CEO Biotage.

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