New fixed well plates and columns

Biotage has launched its Isolute Hydro DME+ fixed well plates and columns, for the efficient removal of matrix components from urine, using a simple pass through workflow.

The novel dual mode extraction (DME) methodology has been developed to provide more effective removal of matrix components such as salts, creatinine, urea, pigments and residual hydrolysis enzymes from urine using a combination of liquid partitioning and scavenging modes. Compared to the 'dilute and shoot' approach, analyte sensitivity is increased, and instrument sensitivity is maintained over multiple injections, improving assay robustness and reducing costly downtime. The inclusion of Biotage Hydro frit technology means that urine samples can be hydrolysed in-situ in the well or column, eliminating the need for a post hydrolysis sample transfer step.

The new products can be processed using 96-well compatible positive pressure manifolds (e.g. Biotage Pressure+ 96/48), vacuum manifolds (e.g. VacMaster -96/-10-20) and automated sample extraction systems (e.g. Biotage Extrahera). Raw urine samples of up to 200 µL can be cleaned up using the 400 mg 96-well plate and column formats.

“Isolute Hydro DME+ is an ideal urine clean-up product, for the simple, rapid and cost effective purification of urine matrices prior to LC-MS/MS analysis. Extracts are cleaner, meaning analytical column lifetime is extended, MS downtime is reduced and sensitivity maintained for longer,” says Dr Claire Desbrow from Biotage.

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