New well plate evaporator

Biotage has launched a sophisticated well plate evaporator, the TurboVap 96 Dual – a second-generation system with two separate, and independently controlled evaporation compartments, building upon the reputable foundation of the TurboVap product line.

The TurboVap 96 Dual has been designed to support enhanced well-plate evaporation within the sample preparation workflow. With its two-in-one functionality users can run the same method on two plates simultaneously, or two independent evaporations, essentially doubling throughput. The capability to act as two single units and a dual, enabling laboratories an opportunity to balance their evolving sample throughput needs.

The new product is dedicated to the evaporation of solvents in 24, 48, or 96 well plate array formats. The system can evaporate solvent levels from microliters up to 10 mL per well. The system applies user controlled heated nitrogen from the top, while simultaneously heating the bottom of the well plate by convection. Evaporated solvent vapors are contained and evacuated under negative pressure.

TurboVap 96 Dual monitors both energy and gas consumption for each evaporation cabinet, so laboratories can accurately manage and forecast their future requirements. The system's small footprint easily fits inside a standard chemical fume hoods and the integral touchscreen further reduces its footprint when compared to the classic TurboVap systems.

“The introduction of the new TurboVap 96 Dual reinvents evaporation, placing the customer in full control of an intelligent and smart evaporation system,” said Tomas Blomquist, CEO Biotage.

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