New benchmark for opto-mechanical components

Newport Corporation introduces two new series of opto-mechanical components. The M1 mirror mount is a highly economical component for general beam-steering applications with outstanding performance and design features.

The new BPH series of optical post holders is an ideal companion to the M1 mirror mounts and facilitates stable mounting to optical tables with the flexibility needed for optical research. While being the most affordable solutions in the industry today, Newport’s new series of opto-mechanical components combine best-in-class performance with a large variety of features and renowned quality.

Newport’s M1 mirror-mounts set the new standard for affordability in a robust design with excellent mechanical and thermal stability. The M1-series is available in aperture and clear edge options for maximum beam clearance. Both versions hold 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter optics that can be adjusted in an angular range of +/- 4° with two high-precision 100-TP fine adjustment screws. The UPA-series adaptors, which are compatible with the M1 mount, allow various other sizes and types of optics to be securely held and positioned. A horizontal as well as a rear mounting feature provides flexible positioning even in tight areas.

“Newport’s mirror mounts have an excellent reputation for high-end quality, stability and precision,” says Thomas Bartholomäus, Sales Director Europe at Newport Spectra-Physics in Darmstadt, Germany. “With the introduction of the M1-series, we are happy to provide researchers not only with the most affordable mirror mounts in the industry - with an all new design we are raising the bar and create a new standard for economic, all-purpose opto-mechanical components.”

All-in-one design with integrated slim-slotted base
The BPH-series of post holders is a patent-pending re-invention of classical optical post holders featuring an all-in-one design with integrated slim-slotted base. The top surface of the post holder has a series of kinematic indentions which, when used with the optional BPH post collar, provide repeatable rotational alignment and indexing. Another best-in-class feature of the BPH-series is its post brake design with quick lock mechanism.

It secures the optical post in position even after the locking screw has been fully opened. The base of the BPH-series features both angled and straight reference surfaces allowing edge-to-edge placement of adjacent post holders.  With the addition of the BPH Base Extender, it can be converted to a double-slotted base for even more rigidity. A flat bottom makes mounting easy and improves stability. Newport’s all-new BPK post holders are available in four standard heights.

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