In addition to laboratory disposable products, Treff develops and manufactures customised injection-moulded components and assemblies as OEM-partner for many leading diagnostic equipment manufacturers. Manufacture is carried out by entirely automated processes and the company is ISO9001:2000 certified.

Treff's class 10.000 (GMP/FDA) and class 100.000 cleanroom production facilities allow them to meet the tightest specifications for critical disposable products for diagnostic and PCR applications.

In close co-operation with its customers an advanced CAD 3D (Pro/ENGINEER) System to design and develop plastic parts is utilised. The in-house mould production facility is using the most modern equipment, including computer-driven machines for wire EDM and cavity sinking by EDM.

With More than 60 computer-controlled moulding machines with clamping pressures of up to 3500 kN, Treff is well capable of producing injection-moulded components of weights from 0.2 to 1'200 g in virtually all thermoplastic polymers. Product printing is done by pad, hot stamp or silk screen ­ which ever technique is most appropriate to the product and its purpose.

Under the brand name of TreffLab, universal precision tips fit most brands of popular pipettes. Microtubes, including thin-walled PCR-Tubes, are certified RNase- and DNase-free and are available, each with varying cap-fitting styles, such as EasiFit and ClickCap. Deep Well Plates in PS and PP are designed for use with automatic sample handling instruments and are available sterile or non-sterile.


Treff AG is based in Degersheim, Switzerland.

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