Rapid sample analysis while maintaining resolution of components

1st April 2013

Quadrex Corporation's range of non-polar PHAST GCTM columns with 0.10mm and 0.18mm I.D.s but with films up to 3.5microns thick. These PHAST GCTM columns allow for rapid sample analyses while maintaining ideal resolution of components.

Its non-polar PHAT Phase thick film columns utilise films up to 18.0 microns for the separation of low molecular weight components in light gases, etc. In addition, we feature a line of unbreakable Ultra-ALLOY stainless steel columns for hazardous or high vibration environments.

Quadrex has developed strong relationships with two outside manufacturers, SRI Instruments (USA) and Peak Scientific (UK) which enables it to provide its customers with complete GC systems.

SRI Instruments manufactures full-featured portable gas chromatographs (GCs). These GCs are ruggedly built and are ideal for use in field applications, but are equally functional, and often used, right in the laboratory. The SRI GCs are available with all standard injector and detector types and can be configured with gas sampling valves, auto-samplers, purge and traps, headspace samplers, etc. Data acquisition software is included with each SRI GC, as well as a full two year factory warranty.

Peak Scientific produces a line of high purity and high output gas generator systems including hydrogen, nitrogen and zero-air generators. These safe and reliable generators are available in various output volumes which are required for GC or LC/MS instrumentation. The Peak generators produce high purity gases necessary for critical analytical work. They are easy to install and use, and are available with or without built-in air compressors (where applicable). u

Quadrex Corp is based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, USA. or





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