Microfluidics chip for creation of single cell libraries

23rd November 2015

Dolomite, a leader in microfluidics innovation, has launched the Single Cell RNA-Seq Chip for simple, reliable creation of single cell libraries. This new chip allows researchers to use droplet-based microfluidic methods to help explore the behaviour of thousands of individual cells, providing a rapid and easy way to screen for new or cryptic cell types.

The Single Cell RNA-Seq Chip – a commercially available version of the prototype PDMS Drop­seq chip described by Macosko et al1 – is manufactured from glass, offering excellent optical transparency and ensuring high precision.

Combined with a very gentle sample loop method – to minimise bead shearing and contamination due to premature cell lysis – it enables rapid, straightforward preparation of single cell cDNA libraries. The chip offers robust and reproducible processing of 1 ml samples in approximately 12 hours, allowing cells to be individually encapsulated with uniquely barcoded RNA capture beads for high throughput sequencing.

1. Macosko, Evan Z. et al (2015). Highly Parallel Genome-wide Expression Profiling of Individual Cells Using Nanoliter Droplets. Cell, 161(5): 1202-1214





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