Encapsulation of individual cells

The μEncapsulator System, from Dolomite Bio, is a complete solution for high throughput encapsulation of individual cells into picoliter droplets.

Suitable for profiling natively-paired T-cell receptors (TCRs), this compact, flexible and modular system can process up to 300,000 cells in 15 minutes.

T-cells play a vital role in the destruction and subsequent removal of pathogens in the adaptive immune response.

Profiling T-cell clonotypes and functional classes from lymphocyte preparations enables researchers to investigate these individual responses to better understand the underlying biology and gain in-depth insight into the configuration of the adaptive immune system.

This allows scientists to investigate a broad range of therapeutic and related research areas, including vaccine design and development, cancer and infection management, immunotherapy development and the study of autoimmunity.

Dolomite Bio’s µEncapsulator System uses microfluidic technology to rapidly and reliably encapsulate single T-cells, enabling downstream PCR and high throughput sequencing.

The reliable and fast encapsulation of thousands of TCRs in microfluidic droplets enables a range of exciting new research capabilities and offers the possibility to observe and analyze many crucial biological events.

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