Gradient coil upgrade service

MR Solutions, subsidiary MRS Magnetics, is launching a gradient coil upgrade service for coil replacement within preclinical MRI imaging systems. This will significantly improve the magnet capability and system performance of older MRI systems including Bruker, Agilent, Varian and Magnex.
MR Solutions can also install smaller high strength removable gradient coils within a larger gradient coil for research which requires higher gradient strength. As part of the upgrade service the temperature sensor type and interface configuration would be upgraded to match the gradient being replaced.
A new gradient coil and custom-built interface to fit the existing magnet has recently been installed within an existing Agilent MRI system at the University of Oxford. This has substantially improved system performance at a very competitive price.
Professor Damian Tyler, Associate Professor of Biomedical Science at the University of Oxford's Medical Sciences Division said: "The system is quite literally an order of magnitude better in every respect, and functions perfectly. The duty cycles are much better than our previous gradient set, while the new set uses less power and therefore requires less cooling. The new gradient set has allowed us to completely remove what was otherwise a substantial hardware limitation within our system."
David Taylor, Chairman of the MR Solutions Group added, "It seems a natural business progression to add gradient coils to our preclinical MRI product portfolio as we have our own state of the art manufacturing capability. This is just one of our MRI upgrade solutions which can bring older systems up to modern specifications."
MR Solutions has for many years provided upgraded spectrometers ­ the electronic brains of the system. Its latest model, the Evo2+ spectrometer, is provided with comprehensive development software and an extensive sequence library optimised for multiple applications and has an unlimited number of TX and RX channels and can operate MRI systems up to 11.7T.

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