Dedicated gas solution

Peak Scientific recently launched a new, dedicated gas generator solution for Shimadzu. The new tool is based on Peak’s based on proven Genius 30 Series platform. Developed in co-operation with Shimadzu, the Genius 3051 has been designed specifically to provide a complete gas solution for Shimadzu’s LC-MS 8050 and LC-MS 8060 systems.

With a higher flow rate than the existing Genius 1051 (also designed specifically for Shimadzu), the new tool provides a Shimadzu approved gas generator solution for LCMS-8050 and LCMS-8060 users, even where they may be operating the LC-MS in ‘high flow gas delivery mode’ (which can provide higher sensitivity in certain methods, but with potentially greater gas demand). Additionally, the Genius 3051 offers a single integrated gas source for two Shimadzu LC-MS, when both operating with normal gas demand.  

As part of the Genius line of gas generators, the 3051 model benefits from fully integrated latest generation compressors, making it a self-contained standalone solution for those with no external or house air supply.

Petra Gierga from Peak comments: “We have worked closely with Shimadzu over recent years to develop a number of dedicated gas generators for their LC-MS instruments. The Genius 3051 is the latest fruit of that co-operation and we are both delighted and proud to be asked to engineer and supply this new solution for Shimadzu’s LCMS-8050 and LCMS-8060 customers who may have additional performance requirements.” 

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