Covid-19 testing workflow solutions

As the demand for rapid SARS-CoV-2 testing continues to grow, so does the need for accurate, reliable and fast results. Industry experts are stepping up to meet this demand in a variety of innovative new ways.

One company that’s pioneering a wide range of solutions in this sector is Gilson. The company’s new Covid-19 testing fluid news brochure highlights its range of manual and automated lab solutions that can easily integrate into qPCR and RT-Lamp testing workflows. When protection, speed of analysis, reliability and traceability are paramount, this range of lab equipment and instruments delivers verifiable data and complete confidence in results.

Gilson’s Covid-19 workflow solutions include:

Manual liquid handling

•          Pipetman pipettes and tips: from starter kits, the firm’s most ergonomic Pipetman L and new multichannel Pipetman G, these pipettes and tips are trusted for accuracy and precision

•          Connected lab devices: Trackman Connected benchtop device, when paired with the intelligent bluetooth-enabled Pipetman M Connected pipette, helps reduce pipetting errors and boost workflow efficiency for faster, more reliable results, even in the field.

•          Microman E positive displacement: the ideal pipette for handling viscous, volatile, infectious, radiolabelled and non-aqueous solutions for maximum protection against contamination and accuracy

•          Platemaster 96-channel pipetting: PCR/qPCR 96- and 384- well plate setup made easy. Minimises errors and increases reproducibility and productivity

Automated liquid handling

•          Pipetmax automated pipetting station: improves the number of samples users can process in parallel while ensuring sample prep accuracy with the most accurate automated platform for PCR/qPCR and ELISA preparation and all tip-based assays; all on the same platform

•          Automated viral transport media (VTM) tube filling system: A low-cost automated fluid dispensing system that is easy to use and adaptable, perfect for VTM applications

Service and support

•          Pipetting and instrument servicing: dedicated global service, support, and training teams are there to help users maintain the maximum performance of their instruments, and ensure the reliability of their data



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