Benchtop Raman imaging system

The new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system, designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. This easy-to-use instrument redefines how Raman spectroscopy is used for formulation analysis.

The RA802 enables users to formulate tablets more efficiently by speeding up the analysis of tablet composition and structure. It brings together the chemical analysis power of Raman spectroscopy and advanced imaging technologies in a powerful, robust system.

Users can reveal detailed chemical and physical information about the contents of their sample, from the distribution and size of API domains to the physical topography. The RA802 makes the highest performance Raman spectroscopy accessible to all users.

The system uses Renishaw’s latest innovation, LiveTrack focus-tracking technology, to enable users to analyse samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces at incredible speeds without requiring any sample preparation. Intact tablets can be analysed, or they can be split or sliced to reveal their internal structures.

LiveTrack continuously adjusts the sample’s height, producing information-rich three dimensional chemical maps of a tablet’s surface.

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