Automated slide loader launched

Prior Scientific has introduced its newest automated slide loader, the SL160. This 160 slide capacity loader combines reliability, easy set up, and high capacity to provide automated slide loading to a wide variety of existing upright microscopes or with the use of Prior’s OpenStand microscope. The SL160 aims to be the standard for OEMs and system integrators and will allow for precise and safe loading of slides for the pathology, cytology and screening markets.  
Prior Scientific designed this system from the ground up to be the safest and most reliable slide loader. Each precious slide is simply and securely mounted in the custom four slide holder. Mounted within the four slide holder, slides remain safe avoiding all contact with moving parts of the loader. Reliability is excellent, with millions of slides loaded and unloaded in extensive testing. “The new SL160 slide loader is the culmination of years of testing and redesign to achieve the highest standards in the industry,” says Thomas Freda, CEO of Prior Scientific. Freda adds, “Full 15 by 15mm areas of each slide under a 20x magnification objective can be completed in as little as 60 seconds.”

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