Alternative to nitrogen gas cylinders

Peak Scientific has introduced the latest addition to the Infinity series of compressor-free nitrogen generators for analytical labs, the Infinity XE 60. Designed as a versatile solution for a range of applications including LC-MS, ELSD, Sample Evaporation, NMR and FT/MS, Infinity XE 60 delivers nitrogen at flow rates ranging from 10-520 litres per minute, and purity between 95-99.5%, depending on flow rate.  

Offering a cost effective alternative to gas cylinders in a space-saving nitrogen solution, the Infinity XE 60’s Intelligent Membrane Management (IMM) optimises air consumption, reducing laboratory costs and carbon footprint. The company has designed this new way of managing input to the generator from external compressor based on the application’s demand and the type of external air compressor.  

With this new technology, wear and tear on external compressors can be reduced as air consumption is optimised by the generator which extends instrument life, improves power consumption and, ultimately, reduces cost of ownership for customers.  

Designed to grow with the lab’s gas demands, Infinity XE 60 can have its nitrogen output increased on-site, within the same product footprint up to a maximum of 520 litres per minute. Alternatively, labs can opt for a secondary output of dry air up to 210 litres per minute.  

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