Determining carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen percentage in liquid samples

Exeter Analytical has published an application note demonstrating its Model 440 CHN microanalysis system for precise determination of percentage carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content of often demanding liquid samples.

The analysis of liquid samples, including volatile liquids, can be done quite easily on the Exeter Analytical Model 440 system without sacrificing accuracy or precision and without the need for expensive liquid autosamplers.

The new application note describes how a special liquid sample preparation technique together with controlled introduction of the sealed capsules into the Model 440 eliminates the problems associated with analysing even volatile liquids. 

In the described methodology, liquid samples are simply injected into sample containers and the containers are sealed. Very volatile samples, in particular petroleum products, tend to creep once placed in containers.

Small portions of the sample may end up above the seal. This requires slight changes to normal CHN liquid handling procedure. By following the Exeter procedure for handling volatile liquids, Model 440 users can now be assured of quality results.

Featuring a horizontal furnace design, the Exeter Analytical Model 440, allows analysts to routinely and simply produce accurate and precise data on wide ranging sample types including liquids without system re-optimisation, saving precious time and reducing running costs.

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