New model added to gas generator line

Peak Scientific has introduced the Nitrogen Trace 1000 - adding further capability and flexibility to its Precision line of gas generators. The Nitrogen Trace 1000 is specifically designed for GC analysis and can now provide the same ultra-high purity output at flows up to 1000cc/min. This latest model employs pressure swing adsorption technology, removing oxygen and moisture as well as a catalyst chamber, effectively removing hydrocarbons to deliver zero nitrogen suitable for sample preparation, GC Carrier gas and GC Detector gas.

As with all Precision series models, the Nitrogen Trace 1000 is housed in a compact, modular, space-saving design, allowing the same laboratory floor space for three gases and optional air compressor. This system has also been designed with durability at its core, with only one consumable part in the system, no requirement to replace the catalyst chamber and just a single filter change once a year ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.


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