Air sampler calibration

Cherwell Laboratories, a supplier of microbiology media and instruments for pharmaceutical and related industries, announces the continuing growth in the number of SAS air samplers it services and recalibrates for customers.  The quality of Cherwell’s service is underlined by a 15% increase in the total number of units calibrated in the year-to-date compared to the same point in 2015.

Cherwell has been supplying and calibrating SAS microbial air samplers in the UK for more than 30 years, and its engineers are focused on ensuring fast turnaround times to provide the highest level of service to customers.

Servicing and calibration primarily take place within Cherwell’s own workshop and calibration lab, and the company also provides on-site calibration services at customer facilities in situations where SAS air sampler downtime must be kept to an absolute minimum. The rise in demand for this on-site service has been the most significant, and the number of units calibrated on-site at customer locations to date in 2016 has already equalled that of 2015. This follows a 30% increase in 2015.

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest quality service and fastest possible turnaround times, Cherwell has recently upgraded its facility with new service management software.

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