Dedicated industrial FT-IR formulti-component gas analysis

1st April 2013

Thermo Electron Corporation's Nicolet Antaris IGS FT-IR gas analyser is designed for exceptional multi-component gas analysis.

Setting a new standard for even the most demanding gas analysis applications, the Nicolet Antaris IGS provides research-grade performance, speed and sensitivity in a package designed specifically for use in industrial environments.

A dedicated gas analyser for either 19-inch rack-mount manufacturing environments or table-top laboratory use, the Nicolet Antaris IGS provides stability, method transferability, and high-speed data acquisition at high spectral resolutions required for real-time gas analysis. With an extensive list of gas application calibrations, as well as an in-factory gas calibration lab, the instrument provides the widest variety of industry-specific gas analysis solutions. Custom calibrations are also available, and a dedicated support team is ready to provide on-site method customisation and calibration. Standard and customised gas calibration methods can be deployed for combustion gas analysis, fire science, compressed breathing air, aviator's breathing oxygen, air bag effluents, and many other gas applications.

Based on 25 years of FT-IR engineering experience, working with users of gas analysis such as specialty gas manufacturers, the U.S. military, and the automotive industry, Thermo has developed the Nicolet Antaris IGS as an industrial multi-component gas system capable of simultaneously analysing over 100 gas species. Backed by a worldwide applications support network, the Nicolet Antaris IGS is uniquely positioned to offer the performance, reliability, and customised solutions for tomorrow's dedicated gas analysis applications.

Operation of the Nicolet Antaris IGS gas analyser is controlled and automated with RESULT software, specifically designed for process applications and routine analysis on the manufacturing floor. This software provides easy-to-use tools for routine analysis, method development, method transfer, operation setup, and automated data analysis, including OPC output. RESULT Software includes the TQ Analyst Method Development package delivering method development tools designed for gas analysis. ValPro software provides automated system qualification capabilities. u

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