Unique automated microplate mover

1st April 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today unveiled the new Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS at Society of Biomolecular Sciences 2009. Developed using proven technology from the well-known Thermo Scientific RapidStak and Thermo Scientific Dimension4 product lines, the OrbitorTM RS is a high-speed microplate mover offering proven, reliable performance with totally flexible plate handling. Extensive vertical reach allows multiple stacked or high density instruments to be loaded in a small footprint, and a bi-directional telescoping arm provides superior reach, improved user safety and unlimited base rotations within a 360° workspace.


For unmatched speed and throughput, the Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS accommodates any SBS plate format, from shallow to deep well, in addition to tip boxes and lids, tubes or racks. This flexibility is further supported by random or sequential plate access, and the ability to mix modes of storage as assay requirements change. Laboratory safety is maximised as the robotic arm is able to pass through the base and remain inside the rotating base while turning. With closed-loop motion control, collision detection and position recovery it is poised to become the most reliable microplate mover in its class. These combine to significantly improve speed and efficiency, enabling a compact, cost-effective solution suitable for smaller workspaces, with numerous storage options and operational flexibility for a multitude of set-ups and configurations.


The Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS expands the existing Thermo Scientific range of automated technologies for drug discovery and addresses the demand for increased throughput, storage capacity, and operational flexibility.

Thermo Scientific is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science.





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