Automated method for isolation of total RNA

4th March 2013

Agilent Automation Solutions, formerly Velocity11, has released a technical note that describes a new automated method for isolation of total RNA in a 96-well format using their BravoTM Automated Liquid Handling Platform and Absolutely RNA96 Microprep Kit from Strategene.

The Strategene Absolutely RNA Microprep Kit allows high throughput isolation of total RNA from small samples of cultured cells. This simple method eliminates toxic phenol-chloroform extractions and time-consuming ethanol precipitations by selectively binding RNA from cell lysate on 96-well silica fibre matrix plates. However the RNA isolation protocol requires extensive manual processing including repetitive pipetting, washing, vacuum filtration and centrifugation steps.

Using Agilent's VWorks Automation Control Software, a script was written for the Bravo Platform to aspirate, dispense, mix and transfer sample from a source 96-well tissue culture plate to the binding and collection plates of the Absolutely RNA 96 kit; as well as to automate sample wash steps using a vacuum filtration unit accessory on the Bravo Platform. The Bravo Platform is shown to provide a reliable, efficient solution for automatically handling the multiple steps in total RNA isolation using the Absolutely RNA 96 Microprep kit.

The Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform is the fastest and most versatile small footprint liquid handling system available. Its space-saving nine plate-position footprint can fit inside a standard laminar flow hood, enabling automated liquid handling for cell-based assays or hazardous reagent handling. Additionally, the unique, open design of the Bravo Platform permits access from all sides for simple integration with other devices and unencumbered standalone use.

From stand-alone units to fully integrated systems, Agilent Automation Solutions teams key sample preparation and creative walk-away automation approaches with personalised customer service to provide complete solutions for your laboratory. Combining innovative engineering with high standards of quality, Agilent designs and manufactures high-performance equipment for processes that are revolutionising pharmaceutical, biotech, and genomic research.





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