High recovery of total RNA

Porvair Sciences has launched new kits for rapid extraction of total RNA from a wide range of biological samples. The kits enable extraction of up to 1000 µg of application-ready pure RNA in as little as 10 minutes.

Extraction and purification of  RNA is required for numerous downstream molecular biology applications such as RT-PCR, qPCR, Western blotting and RNA amplification. The global Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in the demand for testing and detection of viral nucleic acids. The first step in this process, no matter what research or testing method is to be used, is to extract the RNA from any sample with a potential viral contamination.

The new affordable and easy-to-use Chromatrap RNA Extraction kit from Porvair Sciences all follow the simple procedure of  sample lysis, RNA capture, washing, and finally elution of purified RNA.

Leveraging a spin column and buffer chemistry, the Chromatrap RNA Extraction kit is a complete solution for isolation and purification of RNA. Providing the perfect high recovery of top-quality salt and contaminant-free RNA.

Porvair's extraction kits employ a reliable protocol to isolate superior quality RNA from a wide range of samples sources. These kits benefit from high volume binding capacity which ensures RNA is efficiently lysed, captured and eluted. 

The kit is quick and easy to use, ensuring high recovery of high purity RNA during the first steps of fundamental molecular biology applications. Using a Chromatrap RNA extraction kit, scientists are now able to process up to 107 cultured animal cells, 50 mg animal tissue, 0.5 ml blood, 250 mg plant material, 5 x 107 yeasts or 5 x 108 bacteria in a single go.


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