Pea-based products

The newly developed and manufactured pea protein isolate Emvital from the producer of potato starches, flakes, granules and protein Emsland Group is suitbale for applications in many foodstuffs.

Emvital provides additional benefits through easy handling as well as its food technical characteristics, including natural, vegetable raw material – no BSE influence; guaranteed GMO-free shelling peas (soy); neutral taste; no allergens known (gluten-, lactose- and cholesterol-free); high emulsifying-capacity; high water-binding-capacity; high protein content and low content of sugar and saturated fats; high content of complex amino-acids, glutamic acids and arginine; high lysine content; very high nutritional value; good digestibility.

The possibilities of application in the food industry are manifold. The pea protein isolate is in addition suitable for application in: dietary products, health food and athlete food due to the good digestibility and the high content of complex amino-acids, glutamic acids and arginine; meat products to reduce water loss through cooking and for improvement of protein content; delicatessen (mayonnaise, salad dressings) due to the high emulsifying capacity; coffee whitener (pure vegetable) as casein replacement; bakery products for the improvement of nutritional values through a higher lysine content; convenience food for enrichment with protein on vegetable basis (organic) and reduction of saturated fats; vegetarian products – as protein source and binding agent.

Emvital also shows a very advantageous Aminogram, the only protein source, with an almost identical Amionogram to Caseinates. It is especially high in lysine, arginines and glutamic acid. The total amount of essential amino acids in the product is around 33percent.

After the successful introduction overseas, these products will now be introduced to the Asia Pacific market. The product is used predominantly in coffee whiteners to replace Sodium Caseinates; a side benefit is that these purely vegetable coffee whiteners are suitable for those people having lactose allergies but still want to enjoy a decent café latte.

The second big application field is in the sports bars and sport drinks. The high amount of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA level) enhances the endurance performance in athletes by delaying the onset of fatigue in the central nervous system.

The Emsland Groups is based in Nordhorn, Germany.

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