New tool for more creativity in the production of convenience products

Known already for marinade oil blends with highest functionality, Walter Rau AG has added two new dimensions by using virgin vegetable oils - vegolio mix and match - offering functionality, better taste and look.
Marinade oils are usually blends of refined vegetable oil and vegetable fat and structured in a manner, that a stable, pasty yet pump able consistency is achieved.
The producer of industrial marinades batches are using these blends and add various spices or other ingredients depending on the application. The easiest system is just a blend with dry spices, more complex systems have certain amounts of, for example, mustard or other wet components added.
Usually the mixing is done with a slow moving agitator for dry components or with a high shear system if emulsions are needed. Proper crystal matrixes withstand those forces and avoid the formation of an oil layer on top of the ready marinades. The innovative part is the possibility of transferring this technology to using much tastier and more colourful virgin vegetable oils - at customer's choice, for many new creative convenience products.
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Walter Rau Neusser Öl und Fett AG is based in Neuss, Germany.

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