Cutting edge products for 3D cell culture, regenerative medicine & glycobiology

AMSBIO has announced that it will be displaying its latest innovative products for life science research at SLAS 2012 - one of the world's largest laboratory automation and screening trade shows and congresses.

At this important event AMSBIO will introduce cutting edge products for 3D culture using alvetex™, GMP grade extracellular matrix proteins for regenerative medicine and a range of unique products for glycobiology including proteoglycans, enzymes, assays and hyaluronic acid derivatives.

Visitors to Booth 1335 will have the chance to find out how AMSBIO can assist in their biomarker discovery programs. Using a range of custom services AMSBIO can design lentivirus, provide highly active and pure proteins for drug screening, develop peptides and antibodies as well as provide synthetic RNA and DNA controls. Drawing upon the extensive experience of its staff - AMSBIO has established itself as a knowledgeable and responsive partner for the life science industry to outsource work to.

For further information please visit SLAS 2012 or contact AMSBIO LLC on +1-949-768-8365 or email

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