Ultra-fast framing cameras

Specialised Imaging has released a new 20-page catalogue that provides an introduction to its complete range of ultra-fast framing cameras and accessories for scientific research applications.

Capable of capturing data at 1 billion frames per second, the SIM range of ultra-fast framing cameras offer the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance to scientists and engineers across all disciplines.

The optical design of SIM cameras offers up to 32 images without compromising shading, or parallax. High resolution intensified CCD sensors controlled by state-of-the-art electronics provide almost infinite control over gain and exposure to allow researchers the flexibility to capture even the most difficult phenomena.

Proven in installations with leading research groups worldwide, the Kirana ultra high-speed video camera combines the flexibility of video technology with the resolution of the ultra- fast framing camera.

Capable of recording video clips at up to five million frames per second, the hybrid sensor design allows Kirana cameras to uniquely deliver high resolution and high speed in a no-compromise design.

Offering 3D stereo imaging capability up to 200 million frames per second, Cerberus is the first camera to offer the speed, resolution and sensitivity of an ultra-high-speed framing camera but with the versatility and flexibility of multiple heads for a wide range of 3D applications.

Specialised Imaging's award winning Tracker2 is the camera system of choice to fully evaluate the failure modes of projectiles.

It is often necessary to observe the performance of a projectile over a significant portion of its trajectory. To achieve this with a series of single shot cameras would be prohibitively expensive.

The SIR3 series of ultra-fast framing cameras are compact, lightweight and robust, making them ideally suited for the harsh indoor and outdoor environments associated with ballistic proving ground and industrial use.

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