Thermoelectric cooling incubator with 170 litres of interior volume

Cooling incubators are used for incubating microbiological cultures in many areas of basic research, microbiology, and the food industry​.

BINDER GmbH has now expanded its product portfolio of KT series cooling incubators with thermoelectric cooling by adding a new model: Now a cooling incubator with a capacity of 170 litres will be available alongside the existing KT 53 and KT 115 sizes. BINDER is the world's first supplier to bring a unit of this class and with this interior volume to the market.

A feature of the incubator is its balance between size and usable space. Despite having the same footprint as the smaller KT 115, it provides more than 65% more usable space. A table unit, the KT 170 can be used exceptionally flexibly and is perfect for stacking with its smaller sibling, the KT 115, thanks to its identical base dimensions. The unit runs with an extremely low noise level and, at under 48 dB (A), is significantly quieter than a comparable compressor unit.

All the incubators in the KT series feature excellent environmental credentials and safety, since the Peltier cooling unit works without the need for climate-damaging or flammable refrigerants. In addition, they are highly energy-efficient, particularly when operating at ambient temperature. The electronically controlled temperature range is between 4°C and 100°C, with the maximum temperature primarily intended for interior disinfection. The preheating chamber technology from BINDER creates reliable and reproducible incubation conditions. It enables homogeneous temperature distribution thanks to a horizontal airflow on both sides, even when fully loaded, and also ensures quick heating up and recovery times.

"When incubating microorganisms, processes must be reproducible", explains Dr Jens Thielmann, biologist and product manager for incubators at BINDER. "For this to happen, it is imperative that the parameters are completely stable. Uniform air distribution on both sides of the inner chamber ensures reproducible incubation results, even when the incubator is fully loaded."

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