Sophisticated Raman spectrometers

The Cora Raman spectrometer family from Anton Paar is perfectly suited for the chemical identification or characterisation of molecular structures. Cora stands for Compact Raman Analyser. And that’s what they are: the fast and robust Cora 100 handheld Raman analyser is ideal for on-the-spot identification of explosives, narcotics, and hazardous materials and for verification measurements on incoming goods. The compact, transportable benchtop spectrometers of the Cora 5X00 series provide single- or dual-wavelengths, numerous accessories, and a battery option. For the analysis of low-scattering samples or the measurement of low-concentrated samples the Cora 7X00 Raman spectrometers provide a superb signal-to-noise ratio.

The new Cora 100 handheld Raman spectrometer is a straightforward solution for identifying substances which shows quick and reliable results in seconds without complicated steps. The spectrometer takes a chemical fingerprint of the substance, compares it with thousands of entries stored in special libraries, and gets a matching result in seconds so that the user can assess the risks on-site and make the right decisions without losing valuable time. Spectral libraries for narcotics, hazardous materials, explosives, and chemical warfare agents are available – suitable for authorities like customs, first responders, police and fire departments, security forces in prisons and airports, the military, and for incoming goods inspections. With a versatile set of sampling attachments, the identification of unknown substances is possible in any situation.

The Raman spectrometer models of the Cora 5X00 series combine the great performance and high repeatability of a benchtop instrument with the mobility of a portable unit. In addition to the single-wavelength instruments there are also the dual-wavelength units Cora 5500 (532 nm and 785 nm), Cora 5600 (532 nm and 1064 nm), and Cora 5700 (785 nm and 1064 nm). The wavelength can be switched within seconds. With its robust design, shock-resistant spectrograph, and no moving parts apart from the fan, the analysers withstand rough handling, making them perfectly suitable for daily work in analytical laboratories, quality assurance, and incoming goods inspection. With the battery option and a rugged case it can be operated in vehicles.

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