FTIR analyser introduced

As an established provider of highly accurate and reliable measurement systems, Anton Paar offers popular solutions for wine producers, filling plants, and fee-for-service laboratories. In a step to complete the portfolio for the wine industry, the company has now launched the novel fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) analyser Lyza 5000 Wine. With a multitude of parameters and connectivity to Anton Paar’s established wine analysing systems, the company believes the Lyza 5000 Wine is the multi-parameter analyser the industry has been waiting for.

FTIR spectroscopy in combination with chemometric models is one of the most powerful technologies for quickly and accurately determining the essential wine parameters, including ethanol content, sugar profiles and acid profiles. With Lyza 5000 Wine’s user-friendly touchscreen interface anyone, whether oenologist or lab technician, can handle even complex measurement routines with ease.
Quick results are necessary to have immediate quality control during the production process and to minimise reaction times. Lyza 5000 Wine not only gives results in less than one minute in stand-alone operation, it also automates analysis with Anton Paar’s affordable Xsample 520 sample changer. Lyza 5000 Wine connects to Anton Paar instruments such as density meters, alcohol meters, pH meters and turbidity meters, creating the a powerful measurement system for wine analysis. Results from all connected instruments are collected in an all-inone report after only one sample preparation, one filling, and one measurement. For the highest degree of automation, the new tool can be fully integrated into LIMS systems via Ethernet and WiFi.

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