Service to support life scientists

Created and driven by research-active chemists, molecular biologists and biochemists, Wel-Screen is a new chemical analyses service that supports life scientists at critical points during their trials.

As researchers themselves, Wel-Screen’s scientists understand the importance of timely, reliable data to get drug discovery and development trials across the finishing line.

Using real-world experience, they have developed a range of specialist analytical services that provide critical details on the authenticity, composition, origin, identity, purity and safety of samples. These include differential scanning calorimetry, GC-MS, infrared spectroscopy, LC-MS, lyophilisation and NMR.

Wel-Screen is also offering a range of new consumer services, enabling individuals to learn more about the formulation, stability and efficacy of natural or chemical compounds. This includes Wel-V, which provides accurate information on the biological efficacy of a natural or chemical product against specific cancer cell lines.

Wel-Screen operates two testing and analysis facilities in Greece and Switzerland. The laboratories are ISO 17025: 2017-certified to ensure consistent quality and replicable results.

“As research-active scientists, we understand that laboratories may not always have access to the equipment, expertise or techniques needed to advance their clinical trials,” says Vasiliki Daikopoulou, senior chemist at Wel-Screen. “We have launched Wel-Screen to help meet this need. Using our substantial practical experience, and utilising best-in-class equipment, we aim to become the trusted partner of scientists in the chemical, molecular biology and biochemistry sectors.”

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