New water circulation pump

Linkam Scientific Instruments has launched a new Water Circulation Pump (WCP), designed specifically to provide optimised water cooling to its range of temperature and environmental control stages. When used with the firm's Peltier stages, the WCP is able to hold sample temperatures as low as -30°C (with an ambient temperature of 21°C). The WCP also provides cooling to high temperature stages running up to 1,500°C.
A pressure optimised fan coupled with a full copper radiator makes for efficient heat dissipation and quiet operation. A brushless DC-motor circulates the water around the system, providing increased pumping performance, allowing the WCP to be positioned further from the stage where required without performance losses.
The unit constantly monitors the fan speed, pump current and water temperature and, when used with LINK software or the LinkPad, will stop the run if any of these parameters stray outside of the safe values to prevent damage to the equipment. The cooling efficiency of the system means the contained water volume is only 300ml, giving users peace of mind if it is close to elec-trical equipment.
With a footprint of only 360 x 80mm, the new WCP fits easily into the most space-limited labs and can be placed neatly alongside the Linkam controllers, positioned underneath the work surface, or up to 3m away from the stage.
Duncan Stacey at Linkam commented: “We have developed the WCP specifically for use with our range of temperature-controlled stages and it offers users several advantages over the current options. The water pump it replaces, the ECP, is large and bulky, requires a lot of water and is impractical to fill, with spillages a common frustration. The WCP is compact and efficient, practical for use in the lab and can be controlled remotely.” 

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