New solution for analysing even the most complex samples

Shimadzu has launched its new LCMS-9030 quadrupole time-of-flight liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer. 

The LCMS-9030 is a research-grade mass spectrometer designed to deliver high-resolution, accurate mass detection with incredibly fast data acquisition rates, allowing scientists to identify and quantify more compounds with greater confidence. It uses the same engineering expertise as Shimadzu’s high-performance triple quadrupole (LC-MS/MS) platform and integrates this with powerful TOF architecture to transform high mass accuracy workflows by achieving high-sensitivity, high-speed and high-resolution detection. 

The new product provides effortless performance through less need for calibration and easy switching between ionisation units. Ultra-fast (UF) acquisition rates and core ion beam technologies developed for the triple quadrupole platform have created new possibilities in quantitative mass spectrometry by delivering exceptional sensitivity, specific quantitation and enhanced target compound verification. The new solutio builds on this proven platform by rethinking time-of-flight detection. 

In the LCMS-9030, core ion beam technologies transition towards a novel approach in ion gating using UFaccumulation to create a precise pulse of ions in the flight tube optimised for high sensitivity and high resolution using iRefTOF reflectron technology. The iRefTOF generates an ideal reflectron field, delivering the highest resolution for the flight path with highly stable mass accuracy. 

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