New light source for fluorescence microscopy

Bluebox Optics has launched a new modular LED light source ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy.

"When speaking with researchers we identified the wish for a flexible and future-proof LED light source for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy. With the niji's reconfigurable mainframe, LEDs and filters can be changed by the user in minutes: there's no need to know today what wavelength you need in the future," says Alan Hughes, Director of Bluebox Optics.

With up to seven LED channels the niji delivers powerful, multi-wavelength excitation from UV to Far Red. The niji allows users to start with one LED only - with its modular mainframe up to six more LEDs can be added at a later time, offering additional excitation centre wavelengths, excitation bands, and output power options as and when they are needed.

"With this new LED light source we enable our distribution partners to be able to offer a low cost entry point LED light source with a low cost upgrade path, making the investment very future-proof," explains Hughes.

The niji combines many features. Both constant current and constant optical power LED drive modes are selectable, enabling fast imaging speed and high excitation power stability over long periods. Wavelengths, power and emission channel can all be controlled individually or simultaneously, and the niji is fully compatible with most standard microscopes, MicroManager, MicroManager 2, and a wide range of other software packages. It is also a very quiet tool, which is much appreciated by users. 

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