New lab refrigerators

For research, clinical and industrial laboratories seeking technologies that enable them to preserve the safety of materials, including reagents, media, proteins, buffers and antibody dilutions, the new series of general-purpose laboratory refrigerators and freezers from Thermo Fisher Scientific provide reliable cold storage capabilities while also meeting sustainability objectives and fostering a quiet work environment.

Building on the firm's expertise in developing dependable cold storage technologies, the TSG series general purpose laboratory refrigerators and freezers have been designed to consistently protect general research and clinical materials, with temperature ranges that address both short- and long-term storage requirements, including those for COVID-19 vaccines. Equipped with standard alarm features that alert users to temperature fluctuations, door-ajar incidents and power failures, the new systems facilitate simplified operational management and drive timely corrective actions to provide peace of mind that valuable materials remain safe at all times.

Developed with sustainability at their core, they consume significantly less energy and expel less heat than conventional systems. The systems also use eco-friendly F-Gas-compliant R290 hydrocarbon refrigerants, promoting a healthy environment both in and out of the laboratory. Furthermore, the systems offer whisper-quiet operation at less than 52 dbA, minimizing disruption of the work environment. 

"Maintaining optimal, consistent cold storage performance is of critical importance in research, clinical and industrial laboratories to preserve the viability of stored materials, as is the need to minimize energy consumption, heat output and noise levels to protect the environment and enable a pleasant workplace," said Drew Buskirk, product manager for refrigerators and freezers. "The TSG series  effectively meets these needs.


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