Molecular confirmation of genetic disorders: DiaSorin add extra value

17th October 2013

DiaSorin Blood DNA 200 extraction assays, for confirmation of many genetic disorders using the DiaSorin Arrow, are now available at special end-of-year rates.

End-of-year savings to be made on DiaSorin Blood DNA extraction kits for molecular confirmation of genetic disorders
The DiaSorin Arrow™ Blood DNA 200 extraction assays, that provide a highly purified DNA preparation, reduce inhibition in downstream analysis and ensure accurate and sensitive confirmation of Factor V Leiden thrombophilia, cystic fibrosis and other genetic disorders, are now available from approved DiaSorin distributors at special end-of-year rates.
Molecular testing for genetic mutations, that cause conditions such as Factor V Leiden thrombophilia and cystic fibrosis, provide valuable confirmation of diagnosis and enables carriers of the mutated genes to be identified.  The performance of these molecular tests can be affected by a number of factors, including the quality of the DNA preparation.  
The DiaSorin Blood DNA 200 extraction kits utilise magnetic bead technology to ensure high yields of highly purified genomic DNA from just 200µl of whole blood1.  Used together with the DiaSorin Arrow™ instrument, it automates the extraction of genomic DNA, which reduces technician hands-on time and increases sample throughput in busy genetic laboratories.  The Blood DNA 200 cartridges are simply loaded onto the Arrow instrument for up to 12 patient samples and, in just 35 minutes, a high yield, high purity genomic DNA preparation is then ready for use in a number of downstream applications1.

In addition to Blood DNA, DiaSorin nucleic acid extraction kits are available for a number of applications: the extraction of RNA or DNA from a variety of sample matrices; the extraction of DNA from stool and larger blood samples; BUGS’n BEADS for the extraction of nucleic acid from a variety of pathogens; and cell separation.  
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