LIMS demonstration

Autoscribe Informatics will be demonstrating the flexibility of Matrix Gemini LIMS at Lab Innovations South, a one-day conference for laboratory professionals in the South-East of the UK. Attendees will be able to see multiple systems including LIMS for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biobank management, drug stability studies, and general QC flows. Uniquely, all these systems use the same software. No code is added or changed. Configuration of these systems is performed using the built-in graphical configuration tools, and configuration is kept in a separate, version controlled, database.

Keeping software and configuration separate enables clients to upgrade their systems to take advantage of enhancements and software updates as part of Autoscribe’s regular software releases, without affecting system configuration. Matrix Configuration Tools mean that workflows can be easily modified to match the clients operating procedures. This includes modifying the terminology used to reflect that used by the organisation ensuring a LIMS that is user friendly and intuitive to use.

Configuration changes, once approved and released, are immediately available to laboratory staff whether they use the desktop or browser application. This enables clients to deploy the LIMS locally or in the cloud as they wish, without any further changes being required.

“Matrix Gemini LIMS is unique in the industry. Its flexibility and ease of configuration make it user friendly and cost effective. But the approach of separating software from configuration also provides a very robust deployment strategy, ensuring both cost effective implementation and long-life," says Simon Wood at Autoscribe Informatics. “Lab Innovations South, with a mixed audience from a broad range of industries based around life-sciences, is the ideal venue to demonstrate these features”.

Lab Innovations South is a new dedicated one-day event for laboratory professionals working within life sciences sectors in the UK’s so-called golden triangle (London, Oxford & Cambridge). The event will bring together 300 of the UK’s leading life sciences researchers and laboratory decision makers, for a full day of knowledge-sharing, discovery, learning and networking. It is the sister event for the UK’s leading laboratory exhibition, Lab Innovations.

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