Immobilised chiral LC/SFC selector

4th July 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Phenomenex expands its Lux chiral LC/SFC column family with new immobilised Lux 5µm i-Amylose-1 and Lux 3µm i-Amylose-1 media.

During the manufacturing of Lux immobilised media, a chemical crosslinking is formed between the polysaccharide and silica support, resulting in a robust column that can withstand a wide range of strong solvents including DMSO, THF, Ethyl Acetate and DCM.

This robustness allows for potential increases in enantioselectivity as new strong solvent systems can provide more mobile phase options during method development. It also allows scientists to keep samples dissolved in strong solvents like DMSO/DCM.

 With the addition of the new Lux i-Amylose-1 and previously introduced i-Cellulose-5 media, Phenomenex now offers two immobilised polysaccharide chiral stationary phases (CSP) in analytical and preparative formats.

These two robust chiral options combine with six Lux coated chiral stationary phases (Amylose-1, Amylose-2, Cellulose-1, Cellulose-2, Cellulose-3 and Cellulose-4) to deliver a wide and complementary range of enantioselectivity for even the most difficult chiral separation projects under normal-phase, reversed-phase, polar-organic or SFC separation modes.

“Amylose tris (3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) is one of the most popular polysaccharide CSPs in use today for enantiomeric separations,” explains Simon Lomas, strategic marketing manager for Phenomenex. “The addition of an immobilised version of this popular phase adds versatility and extends the possible uses of the product.”

The new Lux 3µm i-Amylose-1 is ideal for LC/SFC analytical work and chiral screening, while the larger diameter Lux 5µm i-Amylose-1 can be used for analytical and purification work as it is available in pre-packed Phenomenex Axia preparative columns.

Primary applications for this new phase include small molecule pharmaceuticals and their impurities as well as chiral pesticides in the environmental and agricultural markets. 





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