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18th May 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Phenomenex Inc introduces the Kinetex 2.6µm Polar C18 – the ninth selectivity in the Kinetex core-shell family.

This stationary phase combines C18 ligands with a polar-modified surface to enable superior retention of polar and non-polar compounds while ensuring 100% aqueous stability.

Incorporating the key performance benefits of the Kinetex Core-Shell Technology, the 2.6µm Polar C18 particle size provides high efficiency and performance on HPLC systems and potential increases in resolution, sensitivity and separation speed.

On UHPLC systems, the 2.6µm size provides comparable performance to fully porous sub-2µm particles, but at much lower backpressure levels.

With this new Kinetex particle, Phenomenex now offers the dual polar/nonpolar selectivity of the Polar C18 stationary phase in two particle types – Kinetex core-shell and Luna Omega thermally modified fully porous.

This enables researchers to move back and forth between two different solid supports to better address method development needs and wants.

The new Kinetex Polar C18 is an all-purpose phase for use with mixtures of multiple polar and non-polar compounds or single-class methods with closely related compounds, such as impurities or metabolites.

Key applications that can greatly benefit from this dual selectivity include pesticide screening in food, testing of emerging environmental contaminants and drug analysis in pharmaceutical discovery, toxicology testing and clinical research.  





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