New 1mm ID columns

Phenomenex announces the expansion of its Kinetex core-shell and Luna Omega fully porous media offerings to a new 1mm ID microbore format.

These new stainless steel columns are compatible with micro LC systems, which operate at very low flow rates and effectively separate small-volume samples.

With much lower solvent requirements than traditional HPLC, micro LC systems and columns produce less organic waste and deliver associated cost savings.

Phenomenex microbore columns deliver the technological advances of the Kinetex and Luna Omega media, with better sensitivity and lower analyte detection than other offerings on the market.

Ideal applications for the new 1mm ID columns include metabolomics, biopharmaceutical and bioanalytical research, along with trace contaminant analysis in food and environmental labs.

Phenomenex now offers a range of media in this new microbore format, including Kinetex 2.6µm XB-C18, Kinetex 1.7µm EVO C18, Luna Omega 1.6µm Polar C18 and Luna Omega 1.6µm C18.

Phenomenex Kinetex Core-Shell Technology and Luna Omega columns together provide asuitable complementary UHPLC solution for greater efficiency and separation power.

With a growing range of valuable selectivities, this pairing of core-shell and fully porous UHPLC products affords customers a better choice for immediate gains in productivity, resolution and retention.

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