Genomics technologies for targeted epigenomic analysis

Roche and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research are to develop new technologies for targeted epigenomic analysis using DNA sequencing.  

Genomics is a rapidly evolving field with a focus on realising the potential use of sequencing information in patient diagnosis and treatment.

More recently, epigenetics - the heritable changes in gene expression that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence or genetic code, but rather involve secondary chemical modifications of the DNA and the structural proteins in chromosomes - is being recognised as playing an important role in a host of biological processes and their role in cancer has been increasingly investigated.

Due to the myriad of epigenomic events responsible for influencing expression of genes in chromosomes, more advanced methods are being sought to accurately analyse these changes.

Under the terms of the two-year discovery agreement, the Garvan Institute and Roche will collaborate to develop new methods to accurately analyse regions of the epigenome. 

The collaboration brings together the genomics expertise and infrastructure at the Garvan Institute and the best-in-class products for target enrichment from Roche NimbleGen, part of the Roche Sequencing Unit. As part of the agreement, the SeqCap Target Enrichment System from Roche will be used by scientists at the Garvan Institute to further their research in epigenetic influences on human diseases.

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