Boost throughput with disposable tips

The demand for ever-increasing throughput means that many laboratories are looking for solutions to increase the capacity of their automated systems. 

Tecan has created Nested LiHa Disposable Tips specifically to meet this need, allowing up to five racks of the new 350μl tips to be stacked on a single SLAS-format carrier. This space-saving solution allows optimised use of deck space, minimising the need for manual intervention and increasing walkaway time for Freedom EVO liquid handling workstations.
The nested 350μl tip offers greater versatility with the same pipetting precision as the 200μl tip, and is available in both Tecan Sterile and Tecan Pure options. Tip and rack handling for the nested tips is fully automated through the Freedom EVOware software, providing an easy-to-implement and cost-­effective solution to increase the capacity of Freedom EVO platforms.
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